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Easy 3

Please support my run!Just finished my final easy 3mile Monday run! Monday runs have started awkwardly sometimes. My body feels out of rhythm for the first mile. But by the last mile I’m usually in a nice flow and relaxed with the easy pace. All the dogs stayed in their yards today, neighbors waved and the cloudy skies had a cozy feel. I felt blessed and more determined to finish this goal. Team World Vision is changing the world and I’m glad to partner with them to bless thirsty communities. I need 7 more $50 donors by Sunday to reach my goal. You can make a difference:


Day 28 Easy Cross Training

See our ride 9.23 mile 14mph Bike Ride.

3 nice laps around the neighborhood at a brisk pace but not dangerous for the neighbors. Loosened up the legs a lot. I think we will plan on a bike cool down after runs and ride a bit on rest days. Legs feel so much better. Ready to hit the running miles again this week! Click here to sponsor our team world vision marathon run!

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