Finding the Rhythm…

I’m pretty excited that on the Monday and Tuesday following my longest run I was able to complete the assigned training runs: 5 easy miles, then 8 miles at marathon goal pace. I had to squeeze the 8 miler in between classes I was teaching and in the heat of the day. But I was on target! Thanks for your support for Team NewHope and our quest for clean water for kids who need it! Click below to support my run. I need to raise $335 more to complete my $1,310 goal of $50 for each mile of the Chicago marathon.


Here’s Hoping…

11.24 miles 2hrs 43min

My comeback has not been easy but physical therapy has greatly helped my knee. While I was actively rehabbing with weights it was difficult to get any miles in. Today I went farther than I have before. I was hindered mostly by the lack of recent miles but I definitely felt stronger in the legs and ready to press on toward the finish line! I still need $345 to reach my goal of $1300 for clean water in Africa. Support My Run! By clicking you can change the world. 

10k Progress

6.22 miles 1:29 Details Click here to support my run!

Today I ran 10k without stopping or walking for the first time since July. It doubled my best all-running distance since my injury. Just 6 weeks to go. If I am able to progress at this rate I should be able to complete the marathon, although the time limit will be close. The first 5 miles felt great! The last mile was a struggle but I’ve come a long way this year and even made a comeback so I’m thankful. I’m also thankful for your support. Click here to support my run!


3 miles 37:33

Best run yet since I started my comeback. A short hard run. Thankful. Felt like I easily could have gone farther but decided not to risk injury. You can help me make it to the finish line of the Chicago Marathon. I’m running to raise money for clean water in Africa with Tram World Vision. Your tax deductible donation of $50 sponsors me for one mile and provides clean water for one person. Learn more by clicking below:


6.2 mile (10k) bike, 3.11 mile (5k) easy run. 

I wasn’t sure about running today as I had knee discomfort through the day. When I headed out, the pain told me to stop. So, I hopped on my bike for a brisk workout. 5 miles in I realized my knee was feeling better, so at 6.2 miles (10k) I hopped off and started to run slowly. I made it 5k with a little walking and a faster running finish. It was a challenge moving straight to running from biking. My back didn’t enjoy it. But the bike helped the knee. Not the 8 mile run that was on the schedule but I think I made the most of what my body could give today. Thanks for your support. Donate to provide clean water and support my run!

Day 10 On-Track Comeback!

4 miles Easy

Click to support my run! I’m running the Chicago Marathon October 11th with Team World Vision to provide fresh drinking water to those who need it most. My goal is to raise $50 for each of the 26 miles. I’ve covered 19 of those miles, raising $955. Just 7 more to go ($350)! Your donation of $50 provided clean water for one person!
Today’s easy run went just fine. I covered 4 miles at an easy pace. It’s the farthest I’ve gone since the knee injection and today’s prescribed distance. I’m thankful and feeling good. 

6K for Water

3.86mi (6.22km) 51:10 Details
In honor of the 6K distance many people have to travel on foot daily to get water for their families, I continued my comeback by running 6K without having to walk. After not feeling well for a couple of days, I’m ecstatic. 4 runs in the last 8 days, each one faster than the last. A long long way to go and a short time left, but at least I’m progressing at a reasonable rate. Thank you for supporting my run and supporting Team World Vision! Click here to provide clean water for children! I’m running the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 11th for Team World Vision. My goal is to raise $50/mile for the 26 mile journey. So far, you’ve given $955. I’m just $345 from completing my goal. Your $50 donation provides clean water for one person, but any size donation is accepted.

Day 3-4 Progress 

3 miles a little faster…

Well I think the injection worked a little magic over the weekend. I cross-trained 15 miles on the bike Sunday afternoon. Monday I ran with a different brace and had a better experience. Almost no pain while running. And so far no significant swelling after. I ran 2:36 faster than Saturday, which is encouraging. Today, the humidity was rough but I managed to run 1:41 faster than Monday! Thanks for your support! Click here to support my mission! My wife and I are running the Chicago marathon with Team World Vision and several church friends. We are each seeking to raise $50/mile of the marathon. Your $50 tax deductible donation provides clean water to one person. 

Day 1: Comeback Trail

3 miles very easy… Click here to learn more…

Well I finally got a solid reading of my MRI by an orthopedic physician. I have a small tear in the medial meniscus that leaves a flap that’s catching sometimes. This was causing swelling and some fluid buildup. I also had sprained the medial collateral ligament. However, the doctor did not feel surgery was mandatory and since I had rested the knee he gave me the green light to try to complete my training for the marathon. He gave me a cortisone shot yesterday. Today I wore a knee brace and covered 3 very easy miles.  Easy as in slow, but it wasn’t easy. My body did find that jogging rhythm and I wasn’t out of breath, which are good signs. Overall it went better than I feared but not quite as well as I hoped. I have 7 weeks left to rebuild until the Chicago Marathon October 11, 2015. Thanks for your continuing support on this journey. Click here to support my run!

Day 55 Still Rehabbing 

bike 6.21 miles 25:14 14.76mph

run 2.01 miles 25:52 

2 weeks later and still dealing with an inflamed MCL in my knee. Still waiting for an injection and hoping. I’ve kept riding my bike 4-5 times/week and running 2-3 miles 3 times/week with a knee brace. I’ve had to figure out a lot of the rehab myself through research and trial as my doctors just aren’t very sports-oriented. My cartilage and bones are good. It seems an anti-inflammatory injection could get me back to full strength, but the medical approval process is pretty frustrating. Thanks for your prayers as I continue this journey. Congrats to my wife who completed 13 miles today for the first time! Glad she’s doing well!

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