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Time-Lapse of Bike the Drive


This Grace in which We Stand

Sermon 5-22-16



Today is the second Sunday of Easter! Today we revisit the hours immediately following the resurrection of Jesus. Luke 24:13-35 (with a stranger along the Emmaus Road) This story gives us a fabulous picture of what life is like for Christians after the resurrection. The most incredible thing to ever happen has happened. The new creation has been inaugurated. Christ, the firstfruits of the resurrection, has risen from the dead. Some followers, especially the women, are already announcing the good news full time. Everything has changed. But not everyone has been changed. Why does faith come easier for some people than others?  Does your heart burn within you for the things of God? Or, do you not always feel much when you pray? Are you regularly hungry for time with Jesus?  The answers are not always obvious. What is clear? The never ending compassion of Jesus. He cares. More than that, he seeks out those who are wandering away from the center of faithful living.  Cleopas and the other disciple thought they were leaving bewildering events behind as they travelled the road to Emmaus. What they discovered blew their minds.  Set aside your expectations. Bring your whole surrendered self to worship today as we travel the road to Emmaus together. Someone might show up along this road. The choice is yours… Should he stay or should he go?


Last Two

2 miles easy 24:17

Tonight was my final 2 mile training run for the Chicago Marathon. A final short lap around the neighborhood. It felt good and the first mile was my fastest since my injury. I’ve done all I can. Now the countdown to Sunday begins! I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me, encouraged me and/or donated to Team World Vision. As I run on Sunday you are the wind at my back! THANK YOU!!!


Easy 3

Please support my run!Just finished my final easy 3mile Monday run! Monday runs have started awkwardly sometimes. My body feels out of rhythm for the first mile. But by the last mile I’m usually in a nice flow and relaxed with the easy pace. All the dogs stayed in their yards today, neighbors waved and the cloudy skies had a cozy feel. I felt blessed and more determined to finish this goal. Team World Vision is changing the world and I’m glad to partner with them to bless thirsty communities. I need 7 more $50 donors by Sunday to reach my goal. You can make a difference:

8 is Enough

Please click here! to help me reach my goal of raising $50 for clean water for every mile of the Chicago Marathon! Yesterday I completed the prescribed 8 mile run in my fastest time yet! It felt great! It’s my last long run in the training. The marathon is 1 week from today! It hasn’t been easy and I so appreciate all the support from so many friends. I need a few more to donate to put me over the top. I’ve raised $975 out of a needed $1,310. It’s very important that I reach the goal. If you can donate it will literally change someone’s life. $50 provides clean water for one year for one person. It’s a sacrificial gift but one you can know is making a difference in the world. Special thanks to so many who have donated. I don’t want to fall short after coming so far! Thanks for your help!

Dirty Dozen

12 miles exactly 3hrs Click here to support my marathon run!

It was another beautiful day. I had to run later in the day, which is never my friend, but I made it the scheduled twelve miles. I had to stop briefly at 9.48 miles due to back spasms. After 5 min of sitting my back loosened up and I was back on the road. It has been a very busy week and my highest mileage week since the injury. I’m thankful and fixed on one thing: the finish line on October 11th! Thanks for your support!

Fantastic Four

4 miles 51:04

I continue to make steady improvement! Five minutes faster than my last attempt at 4 miles (30 seconds faster than before my injury). My goal is to complete the Chicago Marathon on October 11th, raising $1,310 for Team World Vision. That’s $50 for every mile of the marathon. Your $50 donation delivers clean water to one person for one year. (Any size donation is happily accepted.) Click here to donate!

Finding the Rhythm…

I’m pretty excited that on the Monday and Tuesday following my longest run I was able to complete the assigned training runs: 5 easy miles, then 8 miles at marathon goal pace. I had to squeeze the 8 miler in between classes I was teaching and in the heat of the day. But I was on target! Thanks for your support for Team NewHope and our quest for clean water for kids who need it! Click below to support my run. I need to raise $335 more to complete my $1,310 goal of $50 for each mile of the Chicago marathon.

Here’s Hoping…

11.24 miles 2hrs 43min

My comeback has not been easy but physical therapy has greatly helped my knee. While I was actively rehabbing with weights it was difficult to get any miles in. Today I went farther than I have before. I was hindered mostly by the lack of recent miles but I definitely felt stronger in the legs and ready to press on toward the finish line! I still need $345 to reach my goal of $1300 for clean water in Africa. Support My Run! By clicking you can change the world. 

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