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Time-Lapse of Bike the Drive


Updates on Life and Day 51

Last week I had a refreshing time at PALCON, a conference for Nazarene pastors and leaders on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University, where I teach. The conference had everything from high level theological training from Dr. T.A. Nobel to practical ministry tips and fellowship. The best part was connecting with former mentors, ministry friends and former students now in ministry. The days were full and a little long, but it was worth the investment. Sparks flew in a few panel discussions (probably that’s a good thing) and I felt challenged by the sermons from General Superintendent Jerry Porter, NTS President Carla Sunberg, and a favorite preacher, Scott Daniels, the new leader at Nampa College church at NNU, where I also teach online. When I stepped into the pulpit at NewHope on Sunday I felt a bit more of a breeze behind me after these days of renewal.
There’s also good news on the marathon training front…we continued to run Sunday and Monday, getting back on the correct schedule. Today we walked, the second to last time that will be part of our training. We picked up the pace and had our fastest walking mile yet at the end. Next week the training gets more challenging and the group from our church will need each other to stay on track!
Last night I took in a church kid’s  youth baseball game with friends from our missional community. It was nice to meet other parents and watch a team cope with unexpected challenges. (Jason drew a walk and scored!)
I’ve also begun plans for courses I will be teaching this fall and next Spring. I’m taking a refresher course on creating online courses in preparation for teaching Preaching and Worship online this Fall for NNU. I’m prepping for teaching the Faith & Film course and a New Testament course, both of which I’ve taught before. The Pew Study on the Changing Religious Landscape in America will be the focus of a Spring Honors course I’m designing with a friend and wise colleague, Paul Koch.
It was also a big week for my family as my youngest daughter became engaged to her long-time boyfriend and classmate at Olivet! Congratulations to Jon and Rachel! In a delightful old-school move, Jon sought the approval of my wife and I before he asked Rachel. He shared with me about his recent spiritual growth and excitement about how he and Rachel have brought out the best in each other. After praying about it for some time he felt the time was right to ask her, even though it will be a couple of years before they actually get married. We agreed they should wait to get married but were excited about this big step in their lives. God is good and our lives are very full just now!

Wrigley at 100: The Full Cubs Experience

Yesterday was Wrigley Field’s 100th Birthday celebration. And it was quite a party. There was a lot to celebrate when surveying 100 years of history. Wrigley was built on the former home of a Seminary. It was originally the home of the Chicago Whales of the Federal League (a competitor to Major League Baseball back in the day.) To distinguish them from the Major League team nearby (The Cubs) they were usually called the Federals or Feds, which eventually became their nickname. Weeghman Park (team owner) was its original name. It cost $250,000 and was completed in 2 months, opening in April of 1914. Weeghman was shrewd. The beautiful setting and success of his team forced MLB to respond by letting him buy the Cubs in 1916 (struggling at the time.) Wrigley played a major role in shaping how MLB came of age, was in the center of several national political scandals that touched even the White House (Tea Pot Dome), and along the way became one of the best places on earth to spend time with friends. History haunts this sacred ground everywhere you look. The greatest living Cubs and Bears legends (yes they played here for 50 years, winning 8 NFL Championships!) were invited to honor this great park. The ceremony concluded with Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks shuffling across the diamond like he had for 19 seasons. Ernie was rightly honored most. One of baseball’s greats who always wanted to “play two” and even requested to be able to live on the grounds while he was playing. But he never got a World Series ring and that’s the other chapter of living the Wrigley experience.

It’s one of my favorite places to be since the late 1970’s when my dad would drive me from Iowa to take in a game. (Sunny every single time he brought me.) Every season brings fresh hope that this will be the year a World Series Championship is won in these hallowed friendly confines. This special day brought gifts and cake (A throwback Federals jersey for the first 30,000 fans and a birthday cupcake for the first 10,000-yes I made sure to get both!). It seemed magical as the Cubs were winning. Samardzija was pitching like an ace. The Cubs were up 5-2 with 2 outs in the 9th and 2 strikes on the batter, when relief pitching collapsed. How many times have I seen that movie? Alas, we were all treated to the full Cubs experience. Boundless hopes, historic atmosphere, great excitement, and soul-crushing disappointment. All in the same day! But it was great to share it with my college friend Lon. Just like always, one of the best places on earth to spend the day with a friend. It’s about so much more than winning and losing. A place with a spiritual heritage of hopes handed down. I park on nearby Seminary Street whenever I can. Here’s to 100 years of Wrigley. May we run out of candles before this place breathes its last…

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The Last Great Cathedral of Hope

Tom Ricketts committed to Wrigley – ESPN


Tom Ricketts says he’s committed. Here’s hoping he really means it. Wrigley is one of baseball’s last great cathedrals of hope. Part of me laments a shift to a “winning” model. There’s a reason why I’m not a Yankees fan. But I’ve been a Cubs fan since the last time we had a player named DeJesus. I remember 1984, 1989, and 2003. I was there when Wrigley had no lights, hoping a game wouldn’t be called due to darkness. I was there when it was only $20 to give your keys to a shirtless fat guy who promised your car would be the first out! (Now try $60). I was there when bleacher tickets were $4.50 and full of kids and well, yes, shirtless fat guys. I was there to see Dave Kingman, Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, and the disgraced Sammy Sosa hit game changing or game ending home runs. I was there when Lou Boudreau and Vince Lloyd Skaff called the games in my earpiece and Jack Brickhouse brought the Cubs into my living room.
And I was there yesterday, for the first time on Opening Day. I found a free spot in a neighborhood many blocks away to park, so I could afford it. I saw ad space in 4 cutouts in the Ivy. Dozens of banner ads were tucked here and there. A cool new electronic scoreboard is integrated into an existing wall. Nice. I thought, “This is different, but it’s still Wrigley.” The view to my right and left told me this was still home. 40,000 of my closest friends there not really expecting a victory. Just glad to have some sacred space to watch a game we love in a beautiful garden of historic baseball delights. As God would have it, I sat next to a really nice young father who was new to Chicagoland and the Wrigley experience. It was fun to talk about the history and point out the lovely features of the friendly confines…
I hear talk of JumboTrons and luxury hotels across the street. Fine. The future must come. But please don’t spoil what is most sacred to every Cubs fan.
I would love for the Cubs to win a World Series. Believe me I would!! But honestly, we’ve all come back year after year after year because the Cubs and Wrigley symbolize something much more important: stories of hope handed down to each generation. I was sitting right there when it happened! I hope we never trade what is best about that for corporate franchise success.


Rutgers Joins B1G

An early Christmas present for the BTN (Big Ten Network) arrived yesterday. The Conference with the underreporting name swelled to 14 teams. Rutgers joins Maryland in completing a round of conference realignment fireworks. It’s a coup, allowing the Big Ten access to huge TV markets in an area already tapped for many recruits in the last 20 years. Pundits predicted just a few years ago that the Big East and SEC would swallow up historic conferences like the B1G. But they proved to have staying power. Some say its the consistent balance between academic and athletic excellence. I think it’s a brilliant move that makes this conference a force to be reckoned with for at least another 10-20 years. But about that name… Are they holding out for one more team? The Big 15? The Big Mid-East? The Big North? The Big Ten+Penn State+Nebraska+Maryland+Rutgers? The Conference-Formerly-Known-as-The Big Ten? The Big Conference?
Either way it keeps things interesting for long time fans in the middle of the country.

Tainted Truth: USADA vs Lance Armstrong

Rick Reilly: Armstrong still worth honoring – ESPN.

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32)

This situation with Lance pulls on so many strings I can’t decide what I think about it.

I can say he inspired me massively. I had so much fun watching him win. I shared his “story” as an example of being an overcomer.

I can say what Lance has done for cancer patients seems like a lasting good thing.

I can say I have no faith in the USADA. It’s hypocritical of them to do this. And interesting that they’ve waited so long to do it.

I can say if his vaulting to best-athlete-ever fitness level was drug-induced, then it taints the whole story of It’s Not About the Bike, where he specifically says his cancer experience eliminated the possibility that he would ever consider using performance-enhancing drugs.

I can say if he was angrily attacking and threatening his accusers with lawsuits all along, like Greg LeMond, even though they were correct, then he’s not really a good guy. I mean he decimated LeMond and got him booted out of Trek. LeMond may still be the only American who won the Tour 3 Times legitimately. If Lance is the good guy here, then he should defend it all the way. Somehow the fact that he used the legal system to rigorously defend himself and attack accusers causes me to want him to finish the job.

Lance has spent $5 million fighting this. I guess I don’t understand why he won’t go to arbitration after all. I think if he’s innocent he owes it to all of us who have believed in him and supported him to fight it all the way. He could expose the inequity of the arbitration setup and force the USADA to continue defending their “hearsay” case. The longer that was in the press, the more likely someone would break down if USADA is truly lying or on a witch hunt. If they are the corrupt ones they need to be exposed and dismantled.

For me, the “wear yellow on Friday” thing is tainted even as part of me wants to. I wish he’d chosen a different color for Livestrong. It’s the color of the yellow jersey of the leader/winner of the Tour de France. It’s too bad Livestrong is forever linked with the tainted Tour in that way.

Part of me thinks Lance was strong enough to win the Tour (His VO2 Max numbers, tested at age 16 by the University of Texas, are among the highest ever recorded) even without the drugs after he found more of a purpose to live in his fight with cancer.  I wish we’d had a chance to fully know that to be true.

Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” I’m not free to form a final opinion or to completely set aside the USADA’s ruling because after all this time I still don’t know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Theo and Jed’s first Cubs trade deadline: Whadddya Think?


Theo and Jed’s first Cubs trade deadline: Ryan Dempster finally moved, Matt Garza stays | Big League Stew – Yahoo! Sports.

One thing’s for sure. The Cubs won’t be in the playoffs in 2012. Are they making brilliant moves that secure a better moneyball future? Or, did they scramble to look busy since this year was in the tank and they had no idea how to get a great deal done? I’m really hoping for the former and trying hard not to see the latter. Reaction runs from mixed: Yahoo! Sports to mortified: Greenberg
Tuesday’s 1-hit wonder outing didn’t do much to change anyone’s sense of the future.
Part of me wonders if Soto and Dempster could have been enough. They must have seen some promising Vizcaino x-rays!
But at this point I’ll trust the Epstein magic and ride out 2012 with Rizzo-fever. He’s the symbol of a Theo-future that might be…could be…it…

L.C.’s Robinson stands above the crowd in many ways

Below is a link to a much brighter basketball story. This has absolutely been the breakout year for Lake Central sports. After the football team amazed long-suffering LC fans along comes an Indians basketball Duneland Athletic Conference Title and Sectional Championship! The reason? Two words: Glenn Robinson. You may remember his father, a standout at Roosevelt High School in 1991 who went on to play Big Ten Basketball. This descendent just wrapped up a transcendent season by snagging the Times 2012 Player of the Year award. Congratulations to Glenn and to coach Dave Milausnic on a season for the L.C. Ages. My kids attend L.C. and they told me about Glenn before they knew I knew who he was. What they told me was how he speaks to everyone and carries himself well around campus. He has committed to Michigan, which is exciting for everyone. As he prepares to move on to big time sports I pray he keeps his commitment to off-court character. And we all hope his unselfish playing style has developed other players enough for the pride to continue after he’s gone. Go L.C.!

L.C.’s Robinson stands above the crowd in many ways.

Kentucky’s Death March

Below is a link to a very interesting article about the Calipari machine and what it might mean for basketball and college. There’s no doubt Kentucky is the most complete team. Anthony Davis seems like a great kid. So what could be wrong with this picture? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. You decide.

John Calipari, Anthony Davis, and what Kentucky’s march to the Final Four means for college basketball – Grantland.

Speech for the Ages: You’re good enough to do this

“I told you this the other day and I believe it with all my heart: You’re good enough,” Gottfried told the team. “You’re good enough to do this. You’re good enough to advance. There’s a plane waiting for you, to take you to St. Louis. There’s hotel rooms waiting for you. There’s a game waiting for you to be played in St. Louis.”

(quote of Coach Gottfried’s speech to team by Luke Decock of The Observer)

N.C. State goes from last team unveiled to the Sweet 16 | The Dagger: College Basketball Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

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