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Time-Lapse of Bike the Drive


Last Two

2 miles easy 24:17

Tonight was my final 2 mile training run for the Chicago Marathon. A final short lap around the neighborhood. It felt good and the first mile was my fastest since my injury. I’ve done all I can. Now the countdown to Sunday begins! I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me, encouraged me and/or donated to Team World Vision. As I run on Sunday you are the wind at my back! THANK YOU!!!


Updates on Life and Day 51

Last week I had a refreshing time at PALCON, a conference for Nazarene pastors and leaders on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University, where I teach. The conference had everything from high level theological training from Dr. T.A. Nobel to practical ministry tips and fellowship. The best part was connecting with former mentors, ministry friends and former students now in ministry. The days were full and a little long, but it was worth the investment. Sparks flew in a few panel discussions (probably that’s a good thing) and I felt challenged by the sermons from General Superintendent Jerry Porter, NTS President Carla Sunberg, and a favorite preacher, Scott Daniels, the new leader at Nampa College church at NNU, where I also teach online. When I stepped into the pulpit at NewHope on Sunday I felt a bit more of a breeze behind me after these days of renewal.
There’s also good news on the marathon training front…we continued to run Sunday and Monday, getting back on the correct schedule. Today we walked, the second to last time that will be part of our training. We picked up the pace and had our fastest walking mile yet at the end. Next week the training gets more challenging and the group from our church will need each other to stay on track!
Last night I took in a church kid’s  youth baseball game with friends from our missional community. It was nice to meet other parents and watch a team cope with unexpected challenges. (Jason drew a walk and scored!)
I’ve also begun plans for courses I will be teaching this fall and next Spring. I’m taking a refresher course on creating online courses in preparation for teaching Preaching and Worship online this Fall for NNU. I’m prepping for teaching the Faith & Film course and a New Testament course, both of which I’ve taught before. The Pew Study on the Changing Religious Landscape in America will be the focus of a Spring Honors course I’m designing with a friend and wise colleague, Paul Koch.
It was also a big week for my family as my youngest daughter became engaged to her long-time boyfriend and classmate at Olivet! Congratulations to Jon and Rachel! In a delightful old-school move, Jon sought the approval of my wife and I before he asked Rachel. He shared with me about his recent spiritual growth and excitement about how he and Rachel have brought out the best in each other. After praying about it for some time he felt the time was right to ask her, even though it will be a couple of years before they actually get married. We agreed they should wait to get married but were excited about this big step in their lives. God is good and our lives are very full just now!

Good Night, Dave

How about the Foo Fighters with montage on Letterman’s last episode? Just wow. Our shared cultural life flashing before our eyes.

Thinking about what the song meant to a man trying to recover from a bypass and then what all those funny moments meant to everyone coping with American life at the turn of a millennium was amazing. Dave was intelligent enough to grab my attention when I was a quirky teenager. His comedy seemed like the required absurd response to a world coming off the rails. So many things in the adult world seemed completely stupid but stupid pet tricks and kid science projects and Top Ten Lists and Larry Bud Melmon and Biff Henderson and Chris Elliott and the best band on tv put it all in perspective. I could laugh at us and see that not everyone took it all so seriously.

I don’t know if it affected my faith in God but in some way it affected my faith in humanity. Dave was far from a role model and lost his way for a while, but to see him now with a family that he can love sincerely for the rest of his days seemed like something important coming full circle. He critiqued our cliche’s, then became one, then started again. He ended an era well with a spectacular show full of amazing guests. Whether he saw it or not, Amazing Grace was all over his slightly sarcastic story.

So thank you to the man who dropped ripe melons off high places, became a human rice crispy, served as puppet master to a meat marketer, introduced Uma to Oprah, put sheep in an NYC taxi, made prank phone calls live on the air, “took our order” at Taco Bell, and introduced us to some of the greatest musical acts of all time. You gave all the credit to the amazingly talented people behind the scenes of the show. In the end you were a gentleman to the culture you mocked. Somehow in your imperfect way you made it a little more tolerable. Thank you for being human and honest and intelligent and funny in front of us all for so long.

Day 33 Hot, hot, hot

51:18, 3.77 miles 4min run, 1min walk

Our longest run yet in both time and distance was made more challenging by the sun and heat. We had a very strong start but the heat slowed down the last couple intervals. Most importantly our training progressed. Tomorrow we take a break from our regular training to do the Autism Speaks walk for Autism at Soldier Field. 

Thank you to all my sponsors! If you would like to sponsor my marathon run for clean water click below:

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Day 31 Improvement

35min 2.69mi 13:00 pace 4:00run/1:00walk

Hey we did it! Colder weather and a little fatigue made us less eager today. Then we had cold conditions in one direction and hot facing the other. So it felt like we were doing terrible. But we actually improved our time today! I had to literally picture someone getting clean water to run the last interval, but it worked. I’m doing the best I can. If you want to help bring water, hope and life to someone in need, partner with me at

Day 26 Tough Run

Well, today was the first time I wasn’t able to fully complete the prescribed workout. I made it 28 minutes (out of the intended 35) and 2.11 miles. Can’t be hard on myself as it was the warmest day, I’ve been sick on a very hectic week and not much sleep last night. And it’s still farther than I was running just a short time ago. So, I press on… The journey continues. Thanks for your support!

All in the family…

I needed a “nudge” from my wife to get it done today. Thankful I’m not alone on this journey. Thankful for your support as well. My Team World Vision donation page

In the long run…

To sponsor my run click here for my Team World Vision Page

Today was my longest run yet. I had a rough day yesterday and had to switch my rest day. Today I wasn’t quite 100% but headed out anyway. The first mile was my toughest yet. Finally I began to relax and settle in to a decent run/walk interval set. There is still such a long way to go, but I’m learning to overcome the “I don’t wanna’s”, while also listening to my body when I really need to listen. I’m so thankful that for me it’s not a matter of survival. Water is the stuff of life. World Vision brings decades of experience to delivering hope to suffering communities. I have partnered with them. If you partner with me, together we change the world. WATER. HOPE. LIFE.

Team World Vision Day 10

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