Today is the second Sunday of Easter! Today we revisit the hours immediately following the resurrection of Jesus. Luke 24:13-35 (with a stranger along the Emmaus Road) This story gives us a fabulous picture of what life is like for Christians after the resurrection. The most incredible thing to ever happen has happened. The new creation has been inaugurated. Christ, the firstfruits of the resurrection, has risen from the dead. Some followers, especially the women, are already announcing the good news full time. Everything has changed. But not everyone has been changed. Why does faith come easier for some people than others?  Does your heart burn within you for the things of God? Or, do you not always feel much when you pray? Are you regularly hungry for time with Jesus?  The answers are not always obvious. What is clear? The never ending compassion of Jesus. He cares. More than that, he seeks out those who are wandering away from the center of faithful living.  Cleopas and the other disciple thought they were leaving bewildering events behind as they travelled the road to Emmaus. What they discovered blew their minds.  Set aside your expectations. Bring your whole surrendered self to worship today as we travel the road to Emmaus together. Someone might show up along this road. The choice is yours… Should he stay or should he go?



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