Day 41 10k Knee Music

6.2 miles (10k) 1:45

It was almost too hot to handle today. Pure suffering out there and my knee flared up again. (Why always on Saturday, early in the run?) I had to walk/jog in order to finish the prescribed distance. I cleaned up and went straight to the doctor to have it checked out. She listened to my knee with a stethoscope while bending it. “There’s music in hear when I bend this. We need an X-ray.” It made me smile but put a little fear in me, too. X-rays took forever and I awaited my fate. Results: I still have good cartilage. No narrowing of the joint. WHEW! There’s quite a bit of inflammation. We will treat it with a few days rest, anti-inflammatory meds, cross training and a follow up with Ortho. Probably an injection as well. Thankful it’s not worse and not permanent. Back to the bike for a few days…but still rolling. 


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