Day 34 Double Digits! (10 miles)

10 mile run 2hr 44min

Whew! This was a rough one, but I covered 10 miles for the first time! About a quarter mile into the run I had knee pain (first time ever). It persisted so I began to walk. It continued while walking and I worried I was done for the day. But the more I walked the more relaxed my legs became. A little past the one mile point I began to run again. I realized all my joints were a little inflamed. So I had to take it easy, walking from time-to-time briefly, and mostly jogging carefully. There must have been something different about the atmosphere conditions today because I haven’t had pain while running before, especially not so early on. This was an endurance and joint suffer-fest but breathing was no issue at these speeds. The rest of the week was fabulous and I covered the distance I needed to today, so I will take this in stride. I noticed it rained in the last few minutes and my joints are already feeling way better. Too bad I can’t control the weather on marathon day! At least now I know I can press on and finish a distance even when the going gets challenging… Thanks for all your support! Help me provide clean water to kids who need it:


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