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Day 41 10k Knee Music

6.2 miles (10k) 1:45

It was almost too hot to handle today. Pure suffering out there and my knee flared up again. (Why always on Saturday, early in the run?) I had to walk/jog in order to finish the prescribed distance. I cleaned up and went straight to the doctor to have it checked out. She listened to my knee with a stethoscope while bending it. “There’s music in hear when I bend this. We need an X-ray.” It made me smile but put a little fear in me, too. X-rays took forever and I awaited my fate. Results: I still have good cartilage. No narrowing of the joint. WHEW! There’s quite a bit of inflammation. We will treat it with a few days rest, anti-inflammatory meds, cross training and a follow up with Ortho. Probably an injection as well. Thankful it’s not worse and not permanent. Back to the bike for a few days…but still rolling. 


The Real Day 37 = 5

5 miles easy 1:06:42 Details 

Whew. On a very cool night, later than we had planned we managed to run 5 miles. My joints were not at their happiest. It seems the body is still adapting from the 10 miler on Saturday. The heavier shoes are a speed trade off but once again my knees will take the deal. Thankful we finished this late at night! But it’s not too late for you to sponsor my run! Click here to help bring indigenous, sustainable clean water solutions to children in need. Team World Vision partners with local leaders and engineers to design clean water solutions. Rain catchment, wells, slow sand filters, elevated water distribution and other creative solutions are developed. In many communities they already have a plan and committed local volunteers to work a system. They just need the funding to make their plans a reality. Your gift of $50 sponsors one mile of my marathon run and brings sustainable clean water to one person!

Day 37 Beasts

3 mile easy run 39:21 Click for details

  Well I was a bit nervous to hit the streets after the knee pain Saturday. Sunday’s bike ride had helped a lot, so I warmed up on the bike today. Knee felt better. I donned the Brooks Beasts for the extra cushion. That proved to be the right choice. So much heavier than my LunarGlides but served their purpose well. After half a mile I had no pain the rest of the run. I took it easy in the heat and my joints said thanks by carrying me all the way to the line. Your prayers and support are carrying me through my training for the Chicago Marathon. Team World Vision works for indigenous sustainable solutions to clean water problems for people. Help me help them change the world! Click:

Day 35 Ahhhh

6.2 mile 27:55 cross-training bike ride Click for details


Today was a great day! It started with a great morning in worship around the Lord’s Table. A good leadership meeting was followed by a journey to the Chicago Northland for a Team World Vision rally. Then, finally, we hit the bikes for a quick cross-training spin. Knee feels so much better it’s amazing. Some very motivating presentations today. Many of you know, I’m training for the Chicago Marathon. I’m thankful for how this marathon journey has reshaped my story. I’ve already hit milestones I could barely imagine back in November. Running is hard but living without clean water is much harder. Several years ago 1 billion people were living without clean water. With Team World Vision’s help that number has been reduced to an estimated 728 million, but of course that’s still not acceptable with the technology we have today. Help me help change the world by clicking HERE

Day 34 Double Digits! (10 miles)

10 mile run 2hr 44min

Whew! This was a rough one, but I covered 10 miles for the first time! About a quarter mile into the run I had knee pain (first time ever). It persisted so I began to walk. It continued while walking and I worried I was done for the day. But the more I walked the more relaxed my legs became. A little past the one mile point I began to run again. I realized all my joints were a little inflamed. So I had to take it easy, walking from time-to-time briefly, and mostly jogging carefully. There must have been something different about the atmosphere conditions today because I haven’t had pain while running before, especially not so early on. This was an endurance and joint suffer-fest but breathing was no issue at these speeds. The rest of the week was fabulous and I covered the distance I needed to today, so I will take this in stride. I noticed it rained in the last few minutes and my joints are already feeling way better. Too bad I can’t control the weather on marathon day! At least now I know I can press on and finish a distance even when the going gets challenging… Thanks for all your support! Help me provide clean water to kids who need it:

Day 32 Wahoo!

3mile hard run 36:05 12:01/mi Details

Tonight was our fastest run yet! We actually ran faster uphill than on flat ground. Neither of us felt great and we got a late start, but thanks be to God we still made significant improvement. Big tests lie ahead but we pushed ourselves as the training required tonight. Your support makes all the different! Click to help me reach my goal! All this work is for Team World Vision and the Chicago Marathon.  I’m raising $50 for each mile I will run (26). That’s clean water for 26 people! So far you’ve given to support 19 people! Just 7 more to go!

Day 30 = 5

5 mile easy run 1:02:41 12:31/mile Details

The last time we ran 5 miles it took almost eight minutes longer! Wow! Perfect temps and improved technique helped us over come the wind. This is the best I’ve felt so far. Thanks for your support, prayers and encouragement! We are training for the Chicago Marathon in October with Team World Vision! Click here to provide clean water to children! Your gift of $50 provides clean water for one person, but any donation size is accepted. No gift is too small or too large! I’ve almost reached my goal! Water. Hope. Life. 

Day 29 Just fine…

3 mile easy run 38:56 Details

About 14 seconds faster than the last easy Monday run. Considering the heat and humidity we will take it. I tried out a lighter pair of shoes I picked up super cheap from the outlet store. I liked them. (Don’t worry they are high quality running shoes). I may alternate them or just stick with them if I still feel good tomorrow. Just finished before the rain which is pouring right now. Timing is everything sometimes… Thanks for your support and donations. You are changing lives! Click here to donate!

Day 28 Easy Cross Training

See our ride 9.23 mile 14mph Bike Ride.

3 nice laps around the neighborhood at a brisk pace but not dangerous for the neighbors. Loosened up the legs a lot. I think we will plan on a bike cool down after runs and ride a bit on rest days. Legs feel so much better. Ready to hit the running miles again this week! Click here to sponsor our team world vision marathon run!

Day 27 Ugh

6.11 miles 1:29:20

Well there are always rough days. Today was our first one in a while. We could not finish the scheduled 8 miles. Tried to stop and stretch and get going but our legs were done. We did go just a little farther than we’ve ever gone before so that’s our one thing to hold on to today. We will put this day behind us, celebrate our nation’s birthday, and keep pressing on! Click here to support our run!

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