Day 55 Closer to the Goal!

3.1 miles 38:00 (fastest mile 11:13) Click to join the mission! We recorded our fastest mile and fastest 5K so far this season. That was the goal. This completes our base training and sets the stage for the full 18 week Marathon training plan. Thanks to a new donor, I’ve now raised money for 16 people to have clean water ($805)! Just 10 ($500) more to go! Your donation of any size will change someone’s life! $50 provides clean water for one person. Click here to change someone’s life! This commitment has already changed my life. I don’t even recognize my legs anymore and I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I’ve grown spiritually, feeling a more tangible connection to those who live without fresh water and realizing the privileges I enjoy. Running isn’t easy for me, but it’s so much easier than daily life is for so many. Thanks for making this journey possible. 


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