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Day 48 Wet is a Word

1hr 5min run/1min walk 4.3 miles Click to learn more!

Our first time running for one hour was a wet and wild adventure. It was also the first time we ran in the rain and such high humidity when it wasn’t raining. Sometimes I felt like I was breathing water, which wasn’t too fun, but we weren’t cold and we weren’t too hot so we pressed on. I looked at the training schedule wrong yesterday, taking a rest day when we should have run for 40 min. (That’s next Friday). I also thought we were running a test 5k today (next Saturday) but it was the hour run. So I wasn’t fully prepared and I think that held us back. Such a busy week it was hard to keep track. I’m sure this won’t be the last time that happens. Thanks for your support! Remember, your gift of $50 or more provides clean water for one person. It also helps me make it to the finish line in October! Please donate today!


Day 44 Yep, only nope. 

40 min 5min run/1min walk 3.12 mi Click to learn more!

Another picture perfect day propelled me to a better time than Monday. I felt fully back into the rhythm of my training. Listening to music helped fill the gap of not being able to run with my wife. I get excited when I think of us completing this marathon and delivering on our commitment to provide clean water for one person ($50) per mile. Partner with me by donating today at:

By the way, my wife crushed me completing 3.44 in the same time! So I have a new goal! I’m glad she had a nice run, too. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. 

Day 43 Easy Does It…

42 min 3mi 5min run/1min walk Click Here to Support My Run!

We considered taking today as a rest day after our bicycling weekend, but felt strong enough to make a go of it. Today we upped our run intervals to 5 minutes so we decided to ease back into running at a slower pace. The result was a nice comfortable run in 19mph windy conditions. It almost felt like we didn’t need the walking breaks at this pace but we took them anyway to make sure we weren’t overdoing it. We are also experimenting with hydration methods as we get ready for longer runs soon. We are back onto our training schedule after a great Chicago Bike the Drive experience. 21,000 people riding on a car-free Lake Shore Drive! That was fun. So we press on to or goal of bringing water, hope and life to those who need it.

Day 40 For the Win

40min 4min run/1min walk 3.06 miles Learn more by clicking here!

Today was absolutely perfect weather! Amazing blue skies and mild temps to inspire us. We had to run back to back days due to missing Wednesday. But we beat our previous distances at each time marker. That felt great! Help get me to the finish line of the Chicago Marathon with your donation to Team World Vision: Donate now!

This weekend will be a little different as we Bike the Drive on Chicago’s Lakefront with a few thousand of our closest friends. It’s a 28 mile trip up and down a car-free Lake Shore Drive. It will be a fun family event that also raises funds for the Chicago Active Transportation Alliance, making Chicagoland more walk and bike friendly. 

We will be thinking of those who have gone on before us (including our moms) and those who have given their lives so others could be free. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!

Day 39 Just Fine…

40 min 4min run/1min walk 3.0mi Click here to learn more!

What a perfect afternoon. We gave it our all today. The weather and our schedule kept us from running yesterday so it had been a few days. We equalled our distance from Monday so not bad. Feeling stronger and bouncing back after runs a little faster. Afterwards, I was able to enjoy a church kid’s baseball game and hang out with the family with good energy. I came home and my wife had mowed the lawn! Looks like a carpet so she was doing fine, too. We’re getting there. Thanks to all who have sponsored me. But I still need your help to make it to the finish line: you can make a difference: Click here to learn more!

Good Night, Dave

How about the Foo Fighters with montage on Letterman’s last episode? Just wow. Our shared cultural life flashing before our eyes.

Thinking about what the song meant to a man trying to recover from a bypass and then what all those funny moments meant to everyone coping with American life at the turn of a millennium was amazing. Dave was intelligent enough to grab my attention when I was a quirky teenager. His comedy seemed like the required absurd response to a world coming off the rails. So many things in the adult world seemed completely stupid but stupid pet tricks and kid science projects and Top Ten Lists and Larry Bud Melmon and Biff Henderson and Chris Elliott and the best band on tv put it all in perspective. I could laugh at us and see that not everyone took it all so seriously.

I don’t know if it affected my faith in God but in some way it affected my faith in humanity. Dave was far from a role model and lost his way for a while, but to see him now with a family that he can love sincerely for the rest of his days seemed like something important coming full circle. He critiqued our cliche’s, then became one, then started again. He ended an era well with a spectacular show full of amazing guests. Whether he saw it or not, Amazing Grace was all over his slightly sarcastic story.

So thank you to the man who dropped ripe melons off high places, became a human rice crispy, served as puppet master to a meat marketer, introduced Uma to Oprah, put sheep in an NYC taxi, made prank phone calls live on the air, “took our order” at Taco Bell, and introduced us to some of the greatest musical acts of all time. You gave all the credit to the amazingly talented people behind the scenes of the show. In the end you were a gentleman to the culture you mocked. Somehow in your imperfect way you made it a little more tolerable. Thank you for being human and honest and intelligent and funny in front of us all for so long.

The Pew Religious Landscape Report: Complications and Questions

Interesting nuanced initial interpretation of the Pew study. This study will provide part of the foundation for a class I’ll team teach with a friend next Spring.

Sociological Reflections

Last Tuesday, the good folks at the Pew Research Center released their report on America’s Religious Landscape. Predictably, the internet went crazy. Some argued that the growth in the nonaffiliated marked the end of Christianity. Others argued that this was actually good news for evangelicals because they didn’t suffer losses are great as other religious groups. Still others used the data to continue the never-ending saga of “mainline hemorrhage”.

I watched all this from a bit of a remove because it was finals week and I had a pile of grading. But I submitted grades for my last class this morning, which freed me to explore these questions for myself. I don’t have access to the 2014 Pew data (if someone wants to give me access, I’d be thrilled!), so I played around with the 2007 Pew Religious Landscape data to test some assumptions.

What I’ve explored below are the…

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Day 37 Walka, Walka, Walka

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30min 1.81 mi walk 

Hey what could be better than a 30 min walk with your wife? The off-days are meant for walking so a walking we did go. I started a new allergy med today and wow have I been sluggish today. Good news is I haven’t been sneezing! The sun came out as it almost always has for us on this journey. Another crisp and beautiful evening. There’s still time for you to become a sponsor of this marathon adventure. $50 (clean water for one person) for each mile is my goal. Water. Hope. Life. 

Day 36 Cool, Man

40 min 3mi 4min run/1min walk

First time over three miles on a Monday! Well it was late in the day so our energy was a little low but it was nice and cool so we were able to finish just fine. No records set but a good workout and steady as she goes. Soon these runs will get longer.  For now they are very doable for anyone in good basic health. Ellen and I enjoy the chance to talk, catch up on the day and encourage each other. It also feels good to know we have a higher purpose. If you would like to partner with World Vision, we still need more sponsors so click below!:

My Team World Vision Sponsor Page

Day 33 Hot, hot, hot

51:18, 3.77 miles 4min run, 1min walk

Our longest run yet in both time and distance was made more challenging by the sun and heat. We had a very strong start but the heat slowed down the last couple intervals. Most importantly our training progressed. Tomorrow we take a break from our regular training to do the Autism Speaks walk for Autism at Soldier Field. 

Thank you to all my sponsors! If you would like to sponsor my marathon run for clean water click below:

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