The Wonder Cable and Why Change is Good…

This is the time of year we sometimes have to fix or replace things. The snow has finally melted, revealing the spoils of winter weather wars. Yesterday, I caught my neighbor up on his roof, finally able to take his Christmas lights down!  We’ve had to fix or replace several odd items from a clothes dryer to ravaged windshield wipers. The winter even claimed my daughter’s laptop, which had me thinking about the fast-moving world we live in. The link above is to an article about new ports on computers from last fall in a tech magazine. Who cares? Why now? Apple introduced a new computer with only one port. Everyone (including me) has been freaking out about the disappearing ports. The article above prophetically revealed in advance why it may have been a genius move after all. It turns out this one port can transfer super high-speed data, drive a mind-blowing 4k display, and charge the laptop all at one time. This illustrates a great point. People worry too much. These days once one person makes a negative public statement everyone else repeats it over and over. The story gains momentum. Gossip is the new news. Worry about change is the new normal. We miss out on enjoying opportunities.
Whether it’s relationships under stress or picking a new computer, life keeps moving forward. When we embrace change we are actually more free to slow down and consider what’s positive about what’s new. We can’t control the weather. But thankfully Spring eventually comes. I’m glad I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago or 10 years ago or 20 years ago. Some of the new stuff is good. It’s time to stop worrying about what might happen and get on with living in the present with a hopeful eye to the future. Hey, I could stand to lose a few ports anyway…


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