Forging into the Future…


Storyboarding the GospelImageThe Missional Church Engaging the Community




This past weekend marked the beginning of a new adventure for NewHope Community Church! With funding from the Center for Congregations and the NW Indiana District, we embarked on a learning journey with other pastors and leaders in the Chicagoland area. It’s called the Forge Chicago Residency.  Forge was founded by Alan Hirsch (See my post from Oct. 30th) who is a pioneer in the Missional Church Movement. For the next 9 months we are being refreshed in our skills as missionaries to a changing culture. With coaching, cohort groups and weekend intensives we are being supported on this journey. But it’s no theoretical academic adventure. In addition to reading, praying, and meeting, we are required to engage our ministry context for at least 5hrs each week! That’s 5 hours outside the office rubbing shoulders and sharing life with real people from outside our church community in their life settings. This is something I’ve always done, but not always with this much structure and intentionality. It’s a great way to live and enjoy your Christian journey. I want to learn better how to help others experience this lifestyle that makes Christian life more meaningful.

I’m thrilled to begin this journey with other leaders from our church. I’ll keep you updated along the way. Prayers are appreciated for spiritual growth and real life-changing connections with others!



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