Fueling the Fire..


I’ve been a preacher for many years now. One of the consistent challenges in ministry is consistency with one’s health. Us ministry types tend to be highly motivated to affect the lives of others. We have a lot of faith in what God can do and we also tend to want in on the action. Also, because our work involves volunteers we can’t always move at the pace we desire. We need others to catch the vision. So their level of engagement has a lot to do with our time schedule. Summer tends to bring lots of flexibility in schedule. I work out a lot in the summer. Riding my bike is my drug of choice. Long days, fewer urgent demands (people go on vacation…) and mild weather make it easy.
But the transition to Fall is a challenge. This year I dropped the ball. I had so much fun riding bikes with my wife that I was pouting in my spirit when the days shortened and the fall term commenced. It cost me dearly. Less energy and a compromised immune system left me open to two fall respiratory infections. Ugh. I realized that the increased demands from others required me to be energized and there are no shortcuts.
Just as it’s easy to stay in the habit of exercise and health, it’s hard to restart those habits. I needed a nudge. Enter the Nike Fuel Band (image above). It’s ridiculously expensive ($149) but I had a Christmas gift card from a relative. I needed an everyday wrist watch and a fresh start, so I took the plunge a little over a week ago. The watch/wristband tracks your overall level of activity, syncs by bluetooth with your phone, and gives you feedback in a series of red, yellow, and green dots. If it’s 2pm and you’re still in the red you know you need to get more active or you’re losing ground for the day. That’s about how sedentary I had become. Sitting at my computer, sitting studying, reading, and praying, driving in my car, sitting in meetings, sitting in someone’s living room, sitting at a restaurant meeting… Well, you get the idea. I set a basic low goal of 2,000 Nike Fuel Points/day and managed to hit it 8 of the first 9 days. A little animated guy in the iPhone app did lots of little victory dances for me. I completed some treadmill walks (which I had been specifically resisting). I started feeling better.
So in the early going it has accomplished the mission of getting me in motion. That’s a pretty high endorsement. If I keep it going it will definitely be worth the investment. Plus it is a pretty cool watch that is extremely comfortable. Your results (and need) may vary.
If I want to fuel the fire for life and ministry I have to take care of the only body God has given me…

“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.”

(2 Timothy 1:6 NIV)


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