Engage the Word: Genesis 37 Family Disaster

In today’s reading the family dysfunction continues. Favoritism toward children is handed down to the next generation. Jacob favors Joseph and this does not work to Joseph’s advantage in the long run. His brothers hated him for it and they couldn’t wait to get the best of him. Joseph doesn’t help himself by appearing arrogant in the way that he shares his dream. Jealousy overtakes the brothers and they plot to destroy Joseph.
Why does this stuff happen in believing families? We should be a willing to trust that God is in control. God will take care of us. We don’t have to worry about someone else getting an advantage over us that God cannot overcome. Jacob should have learned from his own experience that favoring a child leads to so many problems that are so difficult to resolve. Nonetheless this stuff still happens on a regular basis even in Christian families today. Sometimes home is the hardest place to learn new patterns of living.
The good news is that God was creative enough to work out his plan and even bless Joseph beyond measure despite this bad beginning. Has your family experienced brokenness in relationships? Reflect on the unique role that you may have played in your family dysfunction. Ask God to show how you might be part of the solution going forward. Commit to obeying his leading. The Biblical story shows how difficult it can be to work out family relationship complications. But nothing is impossible when everyone cooperates with God. Sometimes others may refuse to cooperate and still give us a hard time. Sometimes that’s because trust is low based on past experience. We can have peace knowing that we have done all that we can. We may need to be patient with others praying for them and for opportunities to show our love to them. Given time, it’s amazing what God’s love can do. Always remember that. God can show you how to live with integrity and do your part to avoid these entanglements in the future. This allows you to make the most of your present and future despite the failings of the past. This brings peace as well. In the end, God’s love can redeem every broken place in our lives. And that is good news.
If your family has mostly been free from this kind of problem give thanks to God. Let the strength of your family be a blessing to all those around you!
Pray. Read. Reflect. Respond! Engage the Word today! And don’t forget to celebrate on Sunday at 10:30 AM at NewHope Community Church of the Nazarene!


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