The Dark Knight Rises Review


The Dark Knight Rises is Christopher Nolan’s final installment in the Batman saga. The sign of a great movie is that it leaves people wanting more. It’ll give too much away to go into detail, but the ending is a beginning on more than one level.
“Epic and amazing” were my first thoughts as the credits rolled. The story is big and complex, but not perfect. Anne Hathaway shines as a conflicted bad girl, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt quietly steals the show. There are flaws in the story but none of them linger.
Immersive, disturbing soundtrack, check! Bigger than life characters, check! Bad News that threatens the very fabric of our society, uh-huh. Globe-trotting, time-shifting storyline that leaves you guessing to the end, yep! We long for redemption even though we are brought face-to-face with the brokenness and frailty of humanity and civilization itself. This storyline makes The Amazing SpiderMan or The Avengers seem trite. This movie asks us to confront evil on a biblical-scale. Where can we look for redemption and hope? It shows us our need for a savior even as it chips away at over-simplified visions of the good news. In that way its a good setup for the Good News of the Gospel. Does this Batman story ultimately deliver? Just like real life, you’ll have to decide. Nolan’s unique gift is presenting the problem of evil. It could be debated if his stories resolve adequately.
There’s a lot of violence. No children should see it in my opinion. Very young teens are presented with a relentless hopelessness in this film. Make sure they have a way to talk it through if you let them see it. 15 and up is better.
We suffer, we hope, hopes are dashed, then dashed again. But finally The Dark Knight Rises…
Highly Recommended.


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