Elimination of Toll Road exit still in play


Elimination of Toll Road exit still in play.

I feel like I complain too much about NW Indiana politics but here we go again with NW Indiana getting reduced services. Cline Ave Bridge: gone. Main exit connecting to Hobart/Lake Station area: in jeopardy. School funding reductions: check. Source: Daniels Administration. I voted for Daniels and think he’s done good for the state as a whole, but this area isn’t given much consideration… It all seems structured to benefit the Indianapolis area the most. Say what you will about corrupt Lake or Porter County politicians, but this trend looks somewhat similar. And it’s the people who suffer through inconvenience and reduced services, not so-called “corrupt” leaders.
Whether it’s by design or coincidence doesn’t matter to the people affected by it. I-65 South is not an adequate alternative and the congested traffic flow to that interchange does not need to be doubled or quadrupled. It starts to feel like we don’t matter.
I just took this exit yesterday, and it has needed work for more than 10 years. There should have been a stipulation when control was released to a foreign company, whereby they couldn’t eliminate exits.  I feel like certain large banks and businesses are beginning to act like companies were in the 1920’s. Trying just about anything they can get away with and only backpedaling if the fallout is extreme. Proactively seeking the good will of people is vanishing. The State now seems to act in its own business interest rather than in the interest of the people whose taxes make government possible. A lot of people are complaining that things like ObamaCare are an infringement on our rights, which may be true. This type of situation is the inverse and just as bad: government allowing a foreign company to reduce services to people who pay the tolls for the road. Here we are “forced” to do commerce with a foreign entity, but the services can get reduced.
In the end, hopefully they will do the right thing and just fix the interchange. But to even have it on the table to eliminate seems wrong. I pray for the day when NW Indiana gets it’s full seat at the table even though the area has a Democrat voting history. I think Daniels missed a chance to change that dynamic by being the Republican who stopped partisan finger pointing and finally brought meaningful services to the area.

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