When Sex Goes “Grey” | RELEVANT Magazine


When Sex Goes “Grey” | RELEVANT Magazine.

Above is the link to an article that does a great job with a book I don’t plan to read. I downloaded the free sample 1st Chapter on my Kindle app. As a father and husband I’m terrified that people have embraced this kind of material. I can only comment on chapter one but most high school sophomores could do better. As a pastor I don’t want to come off as just judging everyone who’s gobbling up this book. I don’t want to read it because I know in advance how bad it is. What I like about this article is that the author not only read it, but as an informed female, she puts the book into the whole context of women’s rights. Let’s be discerning with our reading choices. But rather than railing against it, let’s use some of this helpful data to inform friends who may be into the book without realizing the implications. Please pass this article on to others who ask you about the book.
I plan to learn more about violence against women and changes I can make to help fight these disturbing trends. Are you in? If you have experience with this issue, I would welcome your comments!


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  1. I’d recommend looking up CEDAW, its an international convention aimed towards fighting violence against women, and it outlines some incredible information and data. I’d also recommend just teaching women and girls. As a fairly young female, I can say that I’ve been in many situations where I trusted someone, only to see that their intent was harmful and I was naive and unaware that I hadn’t done something to deserve this. I think that be ing open about the realities of sexual and physical violence is the best way to help prevent it. Teach girls that if something happens its not their fault, and teach men about consent. I think that one of the biggest problems with women’s safety is that as girls we are taught how to avoid getting hurt (to avoid rape, avoid being drugged, avoid kidnapping) and we always assume that men will know better, but many don’t. A recent survey at my university said that close to 40% of men would commit date rape or sexual assault if they thought they get away with it. And sadly many could, in Canada only 0.9% of sexual assaults result in convictions (because of legal loopholes, women not coming forward after being assaulted, etc.).

    • Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. I think education is the key, too. People like you telling your story will make a huge difference. Grace and Peace to you!

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