Stereo Love

I grew up in the golden age of Panasonic Boom Boxes from the early 1980’s. Below is a YouTube video of someone trying sell the same classic model RX-5030 I owned in Junior High and High School. I can’t remember exactly what happened to mine but it lasted at least 15 years. I do recall a brief moment of shock when I realized she couldn’t be saved. It’s very cool to see this one still working. If it was still for sale I would try to get it! Just 9 D-sized batteries were required to set me free with my music without WiFi! This was my 1982 iPod and in so many ways was better!

Below is another YouTube video. One that describes that unique bond that can occur between a man and his boom box. It’s from a few years ago but it’s still got a nice beat and describes pretty accurately how I felt.  Enjoy!


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