Don’t Bother with Quicken for Mac 2007 Lion-Compatible Update

If you’re a Mac user and a Quicken user it’s been a rough 5 years. There have been no serious updates in that time. If you’ve been surviving on Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010 and hoping for more, don’t bother with the Quicken 2007 Lion-compatible $15 update. First, it’s just wrong that it comes 2 years too late. 2nd It’s nearly a crime to charge for it. I was really hoping it would bring me back to a fuller Quicken experience, but no. After exporting the data from QE Mac 2010 as directed and then importing that file into QM 2007 Lion my balances were so messed up it was a joke. Right click>Move to Trash.
The only way this would be a viable option is if you’ve been using QM 2007 on a Snow Leopard or earlier machine up until today. Then, you could simply open that file in the new version after you upgrade to Lion or switch to a Mac running Lion. The data export is not accurate. So save yourself a 20min torture experience and skip it. Intuit initiated a refund right away, to their credit. But it’s too bad they can’t really get behind the only computer platform that is actually expanding its user base.
If this post saves someone else the trouble, it will have been worth it. The trouble with nearly all other Mac finance programs is balance errors. iBank was terrible after 3-4 downloads of transactions. hasn’t been updated by Intuit in forever. It’s a sad situation for financial software on the Mac. Thankfully, just about everything else is completely awesome! Nothing is perfect in this life and computers will not add meaning to our lives.


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