Probably the most in-depth review of “the new” iPad. The most interesting thing about the iPad is how it’s a symbol of the march of technology. In my college dorm room I had an 8086 clone with no hard drive and dual 5.25″ floppy disc drives! The monitor was 720 x 480 and weighed 25lbs. When you consider how much more powerful a handheld iPad is, it’s pretty amazing. I haven’t had my 25th reunion yet. That’s a lot of ground covered. Computers aren’t just for geeks anymore. I was thrilled to be able to type my papers after library hours. Now you could shoot and edit a Hi-Def movie on a piece of glass, then upload it in minutes on a super fast LTE network for all the world to see. And the library comes to you. Stacks of books fitting into one slab thinner than any paperback. And of course studying and presenting the Bible on a touchscreen is pretty amazing, too. My tag line is “letting the Christian Scriptures bring life into focus…” Now it’s easier than ever to do just that.


Even if you have perfect vision, indulge me here for a second. You know when you go in for an eye exam and you’re asked to look at a combination of letters and numbers on a chart against a far wall? You read the first few lines, then realize you actually can’t go any further. Then you get prescribed glasses (or contacts) and you can all of a sudden read every letter and number. And even the ones you could read before are now so much clearer.

That’s what it’s like looking at the new iPad versus the older iPads.

It’s weird because I was never one of those people who thought the original iPad’s and the iPad 2’s screen was poor (but there were plenty of those people in the post-iPhone Retina world). I guess it’s just like a pre-glasses world — you never realize how blurry things are…

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