Donald Miller’s ‘Blue Like Jazz’ film set to open

Donald Miller’s ‘Blue Like Jazz’ film set to open – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs.

Wow. Donald Miller sold his house to get this movie made. I guess that’s commitment. I’m intrigued to see how it’s received. I generally enjoy Donald Miller’s stuff. While reading the book I thought several scenes would work as films. But a few times I’ve thought very short films based on scenes (like the “Confessional Booth” on campus) would be better than a whole movie.
What do you think? Have you read the book? Will you see the movie? Will you encourage others to see it? What do you think about a Christian book or movie that is more “honest” or “raw” than sanitized? Does this make it “authentic” or run the risk of “sensationalizing” a human story? We all know that people often swear, but when we’re creating art to be watched over and over does that affect whether or not swear words belong? Could the story be told well without it? I’m interested in your thoughts…


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