More and more scholars are questioning almost everything about Jacobovici’s and Tabor’s latest “discoveries”. But this linked post may miss the Discovery Channel’s point. They probably want ratings, not truth.

Zwinglius Redivivus

Robert Cargill has a – strictly speaking – withering critique of the methodology of Tabor and what Cargill correctly writes is very much worth your time.  Here’s a snippet

… there is reason to believe that an image that has been circulating in the press as part of the marketing campaign in support of the new book by filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and University of North Carolina, Charlotte Professor, Dr. James Tabor, entitled, The Jesus Discovery, and Mr. Jacobovici’s forthcoming documentary, has been digitally manipulated in such a way as to lead the reader toward a desired conclusion. That is, the image making the rounds in the press and published by Dr. Tabor on the Bible and Interpretation website has been digitally altered and made to look like an engraving of a “great fish” on an ossuary discovered in Jerusalem, in order to support the authors’ rather sensational…

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