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I’m not a Michigan fan and I’m not much of a hockey fan, but this is a pretty cool sports fantasy story!

Big Ten Network

Talk about a whirlwind day. Waiting to attend his Astronomy 101 class Wednesday, former Michigan goalie Shawn Hunwick received a phone call he’ll never forget. It was from Michigan assistant Brian Wiseman, who told him to get down to Yost Arena right away. The reason: The Columbus Blue Jackets needed a backup goalie for Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, of all teams.

Hunwick, who went undrafted and was thinking the call was about heading to the AHL, immediately got in his car and headed to Columbus, Ohio. The Blue Jackets were in dire need of a goalie because, already without backup Curtis Sanford (leg injury), starter Steve Mason took a puck to the head during the morning skate.

So Columbus searched for a goaltender nearby, and with Ann Arbor a three-hour drive away, it summoned Hunwick. The former Wolverine didn’t see any action in Columbus’ 4-2 win over…

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L.C.’s Robinson stands above the crowd in many ways

Below is a link to a much brighter basketball story. This has absolutely been the breakout year for Lake Central sports. After the football team amazed long-suffering LC fans along comes an Indians basketball Duneland Athletic Conference Title and Sectional Championship! The reason? Two words: Glenn Robinson. You may remember his father, a standout at Roosevelt High School in 1991 who went on to play Big Ten Basketball. This descendent just wrapped up a transcendent season by snagging the Times 2012 Player of the Year award. Congratulations to Glenn and to coach Dave Milausnic on a season for the L.C. Ages. My kids attend L.C. and they told me about Glenn before they knew I knew who he was. What they told me was how he speaks to everyone and carries himself well around campus. He has committed to Michigan, which is exciting for everyone. As he prepares to move on to big time sports I pray he keeps his commitment to off-court character. And we all hope his unselfish playing style has developed other players enough for the pride to continue after he’s gone. Go L.C.!

L.C.’s Robinson stands above the crowd in many ways.

Kentucky’s Death March

Below is a link to a very interesting article about the Calipari machine and what it might mean for basketball and college. There’s no doubt Kentucky is the most complete team. Anthony Davis seems like a great kid. So what could be wrong with this picture? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. You decide.

John Calipari, Anthony Davis, and what Kentucky’s march to the Final Four means for college basketball – Grantland.

CNN Belief Blog

Editor’s note: Patton Dodd is the managing editor of Patheos and the author of The Tebow Mystique: The Faith and Fans of Football’s Most Polarizing Player.

By Patton Dodd, Special to CNN

Denver, Colorado (CNN) — As a lifelong Denver Broncos fan, I’d have to be crazy to second-guess my team’s signing of the great quarterback Peyton Manning, assuming he’s as healthy as Broncos’ Vice President John Elway wishes him to be. And I’m not crazy.

I got chills watching Manning hold up the new #18 Broncos jersey at his introductory press conference, and I’ll be counting the days until his September debut.

But as a Tim Tebow scribe, general religion nerd, and sucker for inspirational sports stories, I’m mourning the loss of something special, something larger than football, and something Denver may never have again no matter how many championships the team wins.

Tim Tebow is moving…

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Disaster response continues in Ohio River Valley – NCN


Disaster response continues in Ohio River Valley – Nazarene Communications Network.

PRAYER—Lord, make me an…

PRAYER—Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love … O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood, as to understand, to be loved, as to love. Amen.

Attributed to St. Francis of Assisi

Beacon Hill Press (2011-09-01). Year B: Ashes to Fire: Daily Reflections from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost (Kindle Locations 1144-1146). Nazarene Publishing House. Kindle Edition.

Don’t Bother with Quicken for Mac 2007 Lion-Compatible Update

If you’re a Mac user and a Quicken user it’s been a rough 5 years. There have been no serious updates in that time. If you’ve been surviving on Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010 and hoping for more, don’t bother with the Quicken 2007 Lion-compatible $15 update. First, it’s just wrong that it comes 2 years too late. 2nd It’s nearly a crime to charge for it. I was really hoping it would bring me back to a fuller Quicken experience, but no. After exporting the data from QE Mac 2010 as directed and then importing that file into QM 2007 Lion my balances were so messed up it was a joke. Right click>Move to Trash.
The only way this would be a viable option is if you’ve been using QM 2007 on a Snow Leopard or earlier machine up until today. Then, you could simply open that file in the new version after you upgrade to Lion or switch to a Mac running Lion. The data export is not accurate. So save yourself a 20min torture experience and skip it. Intuit initiated a refund right away, to their credit. But it’s too bad they can’t really get behind the only computer platform that is actually expanding its user base.
If this post saves someone else the trouble, it will have been worth it. The trouble with nearly all other Mac finance programs is balance errors. iBank was terrible after 3-4 downloads of transactions. hasn’t been updated by Intuit in forever. It’s a sad situation for financial software on the Mac. Thankfully, just about everything else is completely awesome! Nothing is perfect in this life and computers will not add meaning to our lives.


World Water Day

This link is worth checking out! Learn more about the problem and how to help. Thanks NCM! (Nazarene Compassionate Ministries)

Speech for the Ages: You’re good enough to do this

“I told you this the other day and I believe it with all my heart: You’re good enough,” Gottfried told the team. “You’re good enough to do this. You’re good enough to advance. There’s a plane waiting for you, to take you to St. Louis. There’s hotel rooms waiting for you. There’s a game waiting for you to be played in St. Louis.”

(quote of Coach Gottfried’s speech to team by Luke Decock of The Observer)

N.C. State goes from last team unveiled to the Sweet 16 | The Dagger: College Basketball Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

The iPad of 1935?

A bit extreme, eh? The printed books on the table look more inviting!

The iPad of 1935 | Paleofuture.

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