Remember Who You Are

I’ve been reflecting throughout the day that Ashes to Fire is about 2 things. It begins with truly opening ourselves toward God. Even Jesus, as a human being, was defined by the Father’s love for him. Not by attributes, abilities, human relationships, titles, roles, accomplishments, or even losses. God’s love. What if I could let that love completely define me? Wow. Plenty to sort through there. Of course the issue is living that way, not agreeing.
The second thing is about being truly open to others. Others are a blessed opportunity. Others are a chance to serve, love, grow, give, and be with. Others are also a challenge.
One flows out if the other. In that order.
God’s love fills me and defines me. Now I can be open to freely loving others. Wow. Plenty to sort through there as well. For me, anyway. How about you?
This Ashes to Fire journey won’t be easy. But if we’ll give ourselves to it, there’s a whole other kind of life that could be ours. It could be like waking up and remembering who we are. It could be living in that wisdom by the grace of God for the rest of our days.
Repent and believe the Good News! The Kingdom is arriving at Gate Now…


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