A Very Good Day

Today was a very good day. It started with good feelings about last night’s Ash Wednesday service. Then I got an early-morning email from someone thanking me for my ministry of the Word and sharing how God was working in his life. It’s always great to see someone growing in grace.  Nice.  Then another man expressed a desire to join the church and be baptized. Good signs of growth in his life, too after a long trial. And the day was just getting started.
My daughter Sarah celebrated her 18th Birthday! We took her out to dinner and she shopped with some gift cards and birthday cash. Her boyfriend came along and we all had some fun. We dropped my younger daughter Rachel’s old Mac off for service at the Apple Store along the way. Meanwhile, I discovered a Tesla store at this mall! Tesla is the iconic maker of all-electric sports cars that broke the 4 second barrier for acceleration 0-60. I’d read about this car for years, but tonight I sat in one. I’ll never own one, but it’s amazingly light and simple. Cool to see this kind of technology that’s showing us a possible future for transportation. Speaking of tech, when we picked up Rachel’s Mac they’d fixed even more than we asked and decided not to charge us a penny! This is part of  why I’m loyal to Apple even though no company is perfect.
Many inside jokes were shared we marveled at what God has done in the 18years of Sarah’s life! She’s just getting started and the college journey will begin soon. So proud of her growth and humbled by God’s goodness to us.
Ellen and I have been blessed and today we had much to give thanks for. A very good day. Thanks, Lord.


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