Christmas Day 6: Hanging On!

As I reflect on Emmanuel, God with us, I am continually surprised. God-with-us did not go down the first time like anyone thought it would. Most thought it meant everything would go our way because God is on our side. God is on “our” side. The human collective. He wants to redeem us all. So he came into our world and took on our bodily existence. He became a human subject, but he didn’t get caught up in our subjectivity. He can relate to us now from our point of view. But he doesn’t act from our point of view. If a child is afraid at night, parents hold that child close. If a child is angry at their sibling, parents calm them. But they don’t fulfill angry requests for punishment on the “other”, just because one child asks for it. Hopefully a parent is more objective and works toward a just resolution, even reconciliation. God is with us. And God wants what’s best for us. He wants to give us what we really need, rather than what we want.

Better yet, God is always a gentleman about it. God always gives us a choice. Emmanuel, God is with us. God didn’t stoop to our level so we’d lose respect for who God is. Jesus showed us the deep and humble love of God. It’s worthy of worship.

I’ve got some circumstances I’d like to see changed right away. How about you? But often times, God is asking me to change. Other times, God is asking me to help bring the change. Most of all, God is offering me overcoming power to cope with less than perfect realities.

A baby was born in Bethlehem. Now God is with us. I had a rough day today, but it was better than the best day I ever had apart from God. God is very present to me in the Scriptures, in prayer, and in people I encounter. This renews me every day. And God is inviting me to partner with him to bring change for the better. More than that, his Grace is so big that as he moves to save the world, it lifts me to new heights as long as I hang on tight! Like I said I’ve had better days. But I’ve never been held by a better Grace! So I’m deciding again to make sure I stay on God’s side. The side of mercy, justice, compassion, truth, and Grace. I’m going to trust he’s at work even in the tiring everyday…

We’re midway through this 12 Day Christmas season. Emmanuel never meant more… Merry Christmas!


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