Christmas: Day 2

The beginning of the season of Christmas was quite glorious! There’s no better place to be than in church and with family at Christmas. Although there was no snow, there was great beauty! Birds were actually singing loudly just behind our home. I can’t remember the last time I experienced that on Christmas. The sun was absolutely majestic. Everything looked brighter and better. Truly the light shined in the darkness as we celebrated the arrival of a seminal life. That life was the light of humanity. Jesus.

Now it’s the 2nd Day of Christmas and I’m enjoying hanging with the family. It was a busy run up to Christmas for us. Now a bit of chillaxing and celebrating the hope of this holy season. God has been so good. I know for many December is a grief-filled month. We definitely have our Christmas shadows. But God has shined on in our lives, despite losing our mothers and grieving other losses. We find ourselves giving thanks despite the shadows. The light has shined and the darkness has not overcome it! And so this is Christmas…Day 2. May it be a bright and beautiful day of hope for you!


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