Jeremiah is to Jobs as Baruch is to…

As I was reading The Daily Office tonight in Jeremiah 36 I was struck once again by Baruch’s crucial role. Jeremiah was given a nearly impossible ministry that would keep him from enjoying a family. But God gave him Baruch. It’s not clear that they spent a lot of time together. But when Jeremiah needed an assistant, Baruch was there. That had to lighten his load. The king tears up and burns your scroll of judgement? No problem, summon your faithful assistant and dictate another with a few new choice lines… I guess it stood out with the advent of Siri, a new digital assistant on Apple’s newest phone. That it’s taken so long to develop this technology, speaks to the challenge of being someone’s assistant. Listening to verbal commands and translating them into written work or obedient action is hard work.
Thank God for Jeremiahs who speak up and boldly proclaim. But thank God also for Baruchs who labor behind the scenes to help deliver these messages… Both serve the true King fully. So are you a Jeremiah? A Baruch? Somewhere in between? How can you use your unique gifts in your faith community or neighborhood to contribute this week?


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