Engage the Word: Promise Receiver

2 SAMUEL 5:1-7:29
Today David is solidified in his role as king, gets more comfortable living in God’s presence, Honors God above all, and receives a promise.
But receiving the promise is the most important. God blesses his obedient children. How they respond makes or breaks it. Conquerors have come and Gone, but David is still remembered. He took the LORD at His word. God promised to bless his descendants and have one on the throne forever. David repeats it back, claiming the promise. A millennium later Jesus fulfilled those words of promise. Pretty cool, eh?
Promises are God’s commitments to grace in the world. Grace must be received in God’s economy. So what is God wanting to give you that you haven’t received? Forgiveness? Healing? Daily doses of love? Friendship? Service? Sanctifying grace? Baptism/profession of faith? Church membership? Financial blessings from a commitment to stewardship? Sharing your faith with someone who needs it?
Like David you’ll say, “I wanted to bless you, but you have blessed me!” That’s the goodness of God. Receive it today! (then pass it on!)


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