Missional Communities

The world has changed. Something has ended. But in our culture whatever is next is still waiting to happen. We look around to see everyone is waiting. Businesses aren’t hiring. Leaders aren’t quite leading. Everyone is sure what doesn’t work, but there’s little agreement on what does.
Surely for churches this is our moment. We’re on a mission that essentially doesn’t change. We can offer meaning and hope and vision and mission. Since everything else is on pause, we can make a difference.
If we stay on-mission. If we’re afraid we pause too. But why? If the good news has ever been good, it is now. Forgiveness. Love. Community. Mission. It fills this in-between time quite nicely if we’ll let it.
This Fall we’re looking to Engage the Word. But not just in private. We’re looking for ways to go public with this whole Jesus thing. Like we really believe it. Like those around us really need it. Like our calling is to serve.
As we dive back into the Scriptures, please let’s not be searching for more information. Let’s be transformed by the renewing of our minds. But let’s love God and neighbor as ourselves. With our hands and feet. Plural. Together. As one.
Let’s surprise ourselves at how well we can take God at his Word. For God so loved…through us.
Question 1: Can we decide to build our lives around the mission?
Question 2: How can the small groups we’re part of now become missional communities?
Question 3: Is God asking me to be a leader or catalyst for a new missional community in our church?
God has called. Our mission of living out discipleship as we draw others into Kingdom life is summed up in this:
To be and To Make Disciples. May our common life fulfill this mission like never before. Opportunity Knocks. Maybe life will never be the same…


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