The World As It Is…

As we watch congress play a game of chicken with our economy, let us pray… The Republicans are passing a plan the Senate Democrats won’t approve so they can blame the crisis on the President. The Democrats are clinging to over-extended programs which appeal to their constituents, so they can accuse Republicans of stealing from the poor to support the rich. All the while, both parties claim the other is playing politics.
We elected them to work politics. To consider all options, follow all leads, then make tough choices that will help all Americans. It won’t do any good to save programs that bankrupt us. It won’t do any good to slash services that feed the economy. It definitely won’t help anyone to default on our debts. No one deal can solve the problems. A series of hard choices lie ahead for everyone. Politics doesn’t have to be a game of appearances. It can be the hard work of serving and leading our nation. Having serious conversations which engage all parties in finding real solutions. Compromising on non-essentials will be necessary to succeed.
I pray the political games will end and the real work of politics will begin before it’s too late.


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