Who is This?


This Sunday, Christian believers and seekers will gather in churches around the world to celebrate Jesus’ final arrival in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. Many will be asking the same question that was heard on the streets that day—”Who is this?”
Crowds of people came to meet him! They welcomed him into the city, believing he might just be the answer to their prayers. Many were holding palm branches. Others laid their coats down for him. A scene fit for the arrival of a king. But Jesus didn’t look like a king. He looked like someone they’d never seen before, but had always been seeking. Still the question remained. Who is this?
It’s a question we should all answer. Who is Jesus? But make sure you don’t answer from your easy chair.
This Sunday, go to church. Hear the story. Experience the people who follow him. Get caught up in the moment. Come see for yourself. Many have testified to experiencing Jesus, directly, in worship. Most have told a story of transformation and hope. At NewHope Community Church we welcome you to come just as you are to experience Jesus just as he is. If you’re in Chicagoland, come check us out in NW Indiana. 10:30am (You’ll find directions by clicking on link) Good Friday (7pm) and Easter Sunday (10:30am) are additional opportunities to discover faith and and check out the church experience. Who is Jesus? Wherever you are keep seeking until you discover a life changing answer! Grace and Peace to you!



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