Education Reform Done Better!

Powerful unions key to education reform package.

I hope Wisconsin and Indiana are watching. The above link to a Times article showcases what can happen when all parties come to the table and have students in mind. Everyone gave and the kids gained. Better to actively negotiate with teachers than try to silence them. After all we trust our kids to them every day, so maybe we should listen to their ideas before charging ahead. Hopefully all teachers will now be motivated to serve well (as most of them do).
I also like the final quote reminding parents they have the largest single role in educating their kids. Churches can help to empower parents to pass on values of faith, respect, and discipline. This will transform the typical classroom far more than any legislation ever could. I’m offering up a prayer for parents, kids, teachers, and leaders.
“Lord, let Your Word be a lamp for our feet and a light to our path. Help students to believe in a better future. Help parents and teachers to believe in their students. Help teachers always remember it’s about the students. Help leaders and parents to respect the good work most teachers do sacrificially everyday. Help parents love their kids through discipline, respect, and spiritual training. Protect us all from principalities and powers that would destroy our future. Show us the way, the truth, and the life!”


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