Gary police: Boy, 14, steals church van to drive to school

Gary police: Boy, 14, steals church van to drive to school.

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You can’t make this up! From the “What was he thinking?” file. There almost has to be more to this story, right? The kind of kid who goes to choir practice, steals the keys? Then he drives the church van from his own close-by church to his own close-by school? How did he think no one would figure it out? Where did he learn to drive? What made him think to install “the club”? Almost everything points to some adult coaching him at some point.
Two thoughts:
1. I hope he learns a lesson and avoids a life of crime. Could he really be this lazy? (Or was this some kind of initiation act for a gang?)
2. The kid may have leadership potential. What he did was wrong, no doubt, on so many levels. But maybe he’s just bored. The problems in our urban areas run so deep. This may be a serious crossroads for this boy who wants to be a man.
When I think of Gary my heart breaks. Our church has gone in a few times to try to make a difference. But it’s easy to feel like it’s just too complicated. Real families struggling to raise their kids in a dangerous environment with too many bad options and not enough resources. This story would be funnier if it didn’t have such a sad backdrop.
This is the only headline that took my attention away from the Japan tragedy today.


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