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Sources: “Honeybee gunman” could be man shot in Orland Park robbery –

Sources: “Honeybee gunman” could be man shot in Orland Park robbery –

Wow, here’s an interesting twist in this case. The comments attached to the article are polarizing. First of all, let’s not rejoice that a man is dead. Although, it’s understandable to feel relieved this spree may be over. Second, let’s not second guess this man, who first just disarmed the robber and only shot him as he aggressively charged him. For bravely disarming a thief this man should be commended. He put his life on the line to save these women from violence. That’s about as manly as it gets. (Echoing others, I’d have to say I’ll look at men who tan differently, at least for a while!).
I’m sure the man doesn’t feel like a hero right now. He probably is traumatized deeply by the experience. Good for him, wanting to remain anonymous. Without glorifying the shooting, which seemed justifiable, I would like to commend this brave man, who must have some martial arts or defense training. To most of us, this would be a very big risk and might’ve led to a different outcome.
I’m saddened that a man made a series of terrible choices which led him to commit various crimes. I’m saddened that he won’t have an opportunity to atone for it or be forgiven. But if this was the honeybee shooter, I’m glad it’s over. I’m also pleased to see someone willing to risk himself for others, anonymously. I hope the trauma doesn’t affect him negatively going forward. Instead of buying him a cocktail, I hope someone will make sure he has any spiritual support needed.


Cubs Legend Ron Santo Finishes the Race

The Cubs world lost a hero today. Safe to say a better Cubs fan has never lived! It’s an absolute outrage that this 300 home run, 9 time all-star, and 5-time Gold Glove winner, who showed amazing courage, unparalleled loyalty, and became a broadcast legend was never voted into the Hall of Fame in his lifetime! He raised millions for diabetes research and showed us all how to overcome. He was a true champion at life and he’s in my personal Hall of Fame. I’ll never forget what he said as the Cubs retired his number in 2002. “This means more to me than the Hall of Fame.” His love affair with the fans kept his heart light, despite Cub losses and fading health. The HOF almost doesn’t deserve him now. He some how transcended those gatekeepers to achieve a status among Cub faithful that few could ever dream of. An on-field legend, who became the voice-in-our-heads as we followed our baseball hopes and dreams, Santo is with us forever.

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