Norway’s Thor Hushovd claims world road race crown –



Norway’s Thor Hushovd claims world road race crown –
Well the god of thunder struck at the Worlds!  Thor Hushovd is one of those guys it’s easy to pull for in cycling.  He’s just a hard working guy from a smaller nation who does more than just sprint.  The other world-class sprinters fell by the wayside one by one as Thor and his teammate motivated the peloton (main field or big bunch of riders) to chase down the leaders for a bunch sprint ending.  He proved to be the best man that day, all day long.  Thor has won some key stages in the past but his humble quote was inspiring…  “It’s hard to understand I’ve won the worlds. It’s a dream, it’s unreal,” he told AFP.  “This has to be the best moment of my career.”  The world championships is always a grueling one day race right at the end of the season.  Only those who have survived the season in good health with enough fitness left can hope to win.  It is a celebration of durability and tenacity.  To win the worlds can define a career.  For Thor, his name will now go down in the history of cycling legends.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


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