New Planet Discovered: Gliese 581g is a ‘Goldilocks’ Planet

New Planet Discovered: Gliese 581g is a ‘Goldilocks’ Planet.

This one’s too hot!  (for water not to vaporize)  This one’s too cold!  (for water not to crystalize) But this one is Juuust right! (for water to pool on a hard surface under an atmosphere, teeming with life!)  Goldilocks & the three bears was one of my favorite stories from pre-Kindergarten days.  Since I was about ten, I’ve also been fascinated with the possibility of life on other planets.  So what do you think?  Will we find life on other planets?  Will they find us?  It seems like the infinite creativity of God might not be limited to this blue ball.  On the other hand it brings up all kinds of interesting theological questions, too!  What if Jesus died for the sins of more than just earthly beings?  What would happen to our concept of the image of God if Chewbacca and the Cantina band show up?  As long as most of them speak English as in Star Wars, we should be just fine…
To me it seems that we’ll find some planets with water, bacteria, and basic plant life.  The size and scope of our universe makes it likely to my finite mind.  But large reptiles, mammals, fish and birds? Humanoid creatures with self-consciousness and language?  I’m not so convinced…but certainly can’t rule it out.  I mean those retired Air Force guys claim they know what they saw… 😉
Feel free to share your views below and “May the force be with you!”


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