Two try to rob credit union via drive-through


Follow the above link to the most ridiculous story of the day.
It’s just so hard to get out of the car and actually go into the bank.  Then there’s all the planning.  You have to hire some bad guys.  And you know how bad guys can be…so bad!  Then you might have to be there all day with hostages (Dog Day Afternoon) and have to blast out the floor so you can take the vault (The Italian Job), or put in a false wall so you can live in the bank for a few days and leave later (Inside Man)…it’s all so complicated.
So why not just use the drive-thru?  I mean banks are all about customer service, right?  Write a nice note and that should do it.  (Was the note in crayon? With cut out magazine letters? Fingerprints?  DNA samples?  Is there video of the “robbers”?)
Desperate times are causing desperate behavior.  Of course, there’s no excuse for trying to rob a bank, (if they really weren’t just trying to get on Late Night TV).  On a more serious note, you never know what storyline led to desperate moves.  The truth is a lot of hard working people are falling farther behind each day.  Some of them because of health care costs, some just because they’ve cut all they can but the boss keeps cutting hours.
ObamaCare is supposed to try to help these people.  That was the promise.  But it doesn’t seem clear that it will be delivered.  And it’s SOOOOOOO expensive!  Ugh!
Then there are the medical professionals who must administer the care.  Their work day has gotten more complicated as well.  It’s a lot of paperwork and up-front costs, yet nobody feels secure that they’re going to get paid.  Doctors don’t need to be rich, but they do need to meet payroll, pay the bills, and the insurance. And the insurance companies are claiming they’ll go out of business under the plan which forces 85% of premiums to go to actual health care…(Don’t know enough to know if this is reasonable or not)
Tea Partiers may be right.  Government isn’t the best answer for helping people.  I also agree: close the loopholes so those who refuse to work don’t get a free ride. But then how do you get people to help each other?  And what do the working poor with huge medical bills do while we’re trying to figure it out?
In our system, the government is us-so maybe there is a role for government?, without trampling freedom??  But we have to pay for it.  If we truly see that we can’t, we need to scrap the plan. Tea Partiers got my attention, but I’ve searched in vain to find an actual alternative plan from them.  They just don’t want ObamaCare.  I’m not sure that’s a genuine answer…
Wow, this thing’s one big headache…
Unemployment, Slower than molasses in January recovery, housing market blah, health-care crisis, and oh yeah a couple of wars.  Are these Tea Partiers sure they want this assignment?  And I think they’ll have to give a lot more specifics to actually get it, too.
I still think we better heed the handwriting on the wall and get on our knees.  God is going to have to inspire this recovery.  It seems help will have to come from heaven.
And sorry, from what I see there’s definitely no drive-thru solution to these problems!  Nice try…


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