Worse than negative?

A new poll from CBS News/New York Times says Americans rate the performance of Democrats negatively. Good news for Republicans? Not necessarily. The poll found Republicans rated even lower!! Not exactly the high water mark in American politics. This seems like a time-warp back to 1994!
It seems like leaders have forgotten what they promised-to work together to pull America out of this recession. Tea Party candidates seem to be the winners here. But it’s not always clear exactly what they stand for.
Please plan to vote! I recommend we all spend some time on our knees praying for the soul of a nation. I’ll start by praying for myself. I hope we don’t abandon the poor. However just throwing money at problems without genuine leadership has clearly failed.
I’m not comfortable with anything I currently see on the political landscape. Is that a cop out? Am I alone in this?
We need something to believe in! It has to be something bigger than ourselves. If we’re still a Christian nation we better start acting like it. I we’re not…God help us!


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