Review: The Wesley Study Bible

The Wesley Study BibleThe Wesley Study Bible by William H. Willimon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is very good study Bible.  The best thing about it is how it feels in your hand or on your lap. It’s excellent for reading (although the font is a little small).  The next best thing is how practical the notes are. Not just endless historical trivia, but practical tips for living out the text in real life. The tag line is “a warm heart with active hands”.  It encourages faith and action which is a pretty good combo!  It uses the NRSV which is a good translation.
The notes are from a Wesleyan perspective and some of my Nazarene friends actually wrote articles for it!
Complaints: No concordance! Although they may have limited value, a study Bible needs one, period!
Sometimes this bible has physical glitches (I was actually missing most of 1 Corinthians, although the very nice customer service team sent me a replacement).  I’m told the leather edition has a better binding.
A 2nd edition is in the works, possibly in a different translation, so keep an eye out.  You can pick one up at or at Cokesbury Bookstores, among others.

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