Flickering Pixels

Shane Hipps has written a great little book called Flickering Pixels. It’s about the way oral culture gave way to print and then electronic media.
One of the biggest change factors is the value we place on the speed of information. Shane says this makes it difficult for us to evaluate information well. Accessibility is great, but if you’ve ever pressed send on an angry text message typed in haste, you know the price. A friend from high school accidentally sent me a Facebook message intended for her boyfriend! Thankfully it was a lofty quote from a recent philosopher! Made me smile.
So is Shane right? Is there a limit to the value of speedy information? For all of our gains, are we losing perspective? Are we moving too fast to move wisely? Is the day coming when a meat dress is as important as Fall elections because CNN links to both on their homepage?
I’m interested in what you think! You can comment below…


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