I’m not the king…have you seen my mojo?


In today’s sermon I was actually surprised with the direction God took things. I gained a deeper insight into the text while preaching than all my prep had uncovered.

How ironic that I’m preaching a sermon about how big God is and God takes me deeper into the idea. So I found myself having to depend on God even more to let this fully form in real time: sometimes when we’re stuck in a negative spiritual place it’s because we’ve let the world or others frame the questions we’re asking.
This was Job’s biggest problem. The question of whether he’d sinned came from his idiot “friends” not from God. Once that question was the focus, a world of hurt an confusion arrived. Job allowed the question in between him and God. It made God seem unjust and Job very depressed.
So God jolts him out of this fog with scary rebuttal questions. Didn’t seem very sweet, but it was gracious.
Job got his mojo back when he remembered God’s authority. He was speechless. He was in awe. He was no longer talking ABOUT God or AT God. He was simply quiet before God. Letting God be God. Letting the weight of making sense of it all roll away. Letting peace of mind back in. This is how Job had always lived before.
Maybe we get there too…but we don’t have to stay there!
We have a resource Job didn’t have: Jesus. “He is the reflection of God’s glory, the exact imprint of God’s very being, and he sustains all things by his powerful word.” Hebrews 1:3-4 NRSV
Do ya suppose that includes you & me?
Need a fresh God sighting? Stop trying to figure it out. Lay down your burden and your questions. Look to Jesus. See his crimson-covered sinless hands on the cross. Be moved. See him conquering the grave. Be moved. See him risen and seated in heaven’s throne room. Bow before him. Be absolutely in awe of love so complete. Give it up for the Name above all other names…
Your mojo just called…he’s glad to be back!


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